Our Boys
Here's our boys! Sam the Cocker Spaniel, Chester the Miniature
Poodle, and Ozzy the Cockapoo are house dogs and are part of the
family. They have wonderful dispositions and usually behave like
little gentlemen.
Mack the Golden Retriever is an outside dog and he stays in the
barn at night in his kennel. Mack is a big lovable boy with a very laid
back disposition.
Meet Sam, our AKC, APRI
American Cocker Spaniel Stud.
He is a gorgeous Red and
White Parti with 14
Champions in his pedigree. He
has the greatest disposition
I've ever seen in a male cocker!
Sweet, loving, never needs a
leash on our walks and sleeps
by my head at night. He has a
fabulous thick, silky haircoat,
but we keep him cut short so
he can enjoy country life. Sam
is 14 inches tall and weighs 23
Ozzy, The Cockapoo Stud
Meet Ozzy, our Cockapoo Stud. He's 3/4
Miniature Poodle and 1/4 Cocker Spaniel. Oz is a
real character that loves everyone he meets,
adults and kids alike. He's very athletic and runs
like the wind.  Oz is one of the most intelligent
dogs I've ever met with gorgeous, human-like
eyes. He passes all these wonderful traits on to
his puppies. And of course, he loves the water!
We keep Ozzy cut short because Cockapoos get
matted easily, especially when they play in the
creek so often. Ozzy is 17 inches tall and weighs
25 pounds.
Mackey (Big Mack) AKC Golden Retriever Stud
Sam, AKC/APRI Cocker Spaniel Stud
Meet Mack, our AKC Golden Retriever
Stud. He's a Medium Golden Color,
weighs 90 pounds, has a handsome
blocky head and fabulous disposition.
He's a son of our beloved Holly, who
passed away in July, 2007. Mack is an
outside dog who loves hunting in our
pasture, swimming in the creek and is
happy to go to "bed" at night in the
kennel in our barn. Mack is just a big
lovable boy who loves to lick your face,
your WHOLE face!
Sam's Animoto
Chester AKC Miniature Poodle Stud
Meet Chester, our AKC Miniature Poodle stud.
loves everybody, sleeps in our bed at night and
look at those big beautiful eyes! Chester runs like
the wind and loves to play in the creek. He stands
12" tall and weighs 9lbs.

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