Our beef cattle are free to roam in our 55 acre pasture which we
like to call "cow heaven". There is a creek with a rock bottom
which runs through the pasture from one end to the other and
plenty of trees for shade. Our cows are mostly Hereford/Angus
cross with a few Simmental/Angus cross thrown in because we
like to see a brown cow now and then. Then there's Marge, our
purebred Hereford. We use a Black Angus bull, so most of the
calves are black or black baldy. The cows with Simmental blood
sometimes have brown calves. These wonderful cows are range
smart and when there's a storm coming it's neat to see them
gather up the calves and head for a protected area in the summer
or their 3 sided shed in the winter.
We grow our own alfalfa/grass mixed hay for them to eat in the
winter. They can eat more than one big round bale (1200 lbs) of
hay per day on cold winter days. They know the sound of the
backhoe which we use to take them the bales. When the backhoe
starts up, they all come running to see if they're getting a new
bale. We feed them grain in the winter and they come to the
sound of a horn honking on the pick up truck. All in all, very smart
The cows are wormed every fall, and when we wean the calves in
late fall, they go to the vet to get vaccinated, wormed and the
males are castrated. Then we feed them for a month or so before
taking them to the sale barn to be sold. We keep one steer a year
to feed for our freezer beef.
If anyone is interested in our freezer beef, please contact us. The
steer will need to be fed for at least a year before he's the ideal
weight for butchering. Our freezer beef is totally antibiotic and
hormone free, so it's very healthy to eat. Our beef is processed at
Beutler's meats in Lafayette, IN.
Please call Becky at 765-363-2399 or e-mail
badonohue@hughes.net if you would be interested in some
wholesome freezer beef.
Our Beef Cattle