Health Guarantee and Terms
Health Guarantee and Terms
When our puppies are ready for new homes at
8 weeks of age, they will be vet checked and up
to date on vaccinations and wormings. The
puppy will be in excellent health to the best of
our knowledge at the time of sale. We strongly
urge the buyer to have the puppy checked by a
licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of  
purchase. If the veterinarian finds anything
seriously wrong with the puppy which is
life-threatening, and provides a letter stating the
illness, we will exchange the puppy for another
puppy of equal value when available.
The seller
will not refund any part of the purchase price
under any circumstances
. A diagnosis of
coccidia, giardia, parasites, kennel cough or any
other type of bacterial/viral infection does not
render your puppy unhealthy.  These
items/germs can be found on the ground, in
water, and public places. Parvo is also not
covered by this contract /guarantee, as the
puppy has only been started on it's inoculations
prior to going to their new home and family.  
Your puppy's immune system is not fully
developed until he/she has completed it's series
of at least three puppy shots. Ear infections and
Cherry Eye are also very common in Cocker
Spaniels and are easily treated.
Any costs
ncurred after purchase are the sole
responsibility of the buyer
All of our puppies go home with a one year
guarantee in the case of death from a genetic
related disorder. The owner must provide a
written document from their vet after having an
autopsy performed stating the cause of the
puppies death with in 3 days of the passing of
the pup. If the breeder's own vet approves the
diagnosis, the puppy will be replaced with a
puppy of the same sex and value with in 12
months of the passing or will provide a full
refund if such a puppy is not produced.
If for any reason you cannot care for the dog in
it's lifetime, please return it to us and we will
find it a good home.
Due to space limitations, we ask that people
come for their puppies within 3 days of the
designated pick-up date. Puppies can stay
longer if needed for $15/day boarding charge.
Please call our veterinarian for a reference: Dr.
Greenwood, West Lebanon, IN, at
800-564-0563. We can also provide personal
references from past customers upon request.
Please research the breed of dog you are
considering buying and make sure that particular
breed will fit your lifestyle. Remember, a puppy
is a 10-15 year commitment on your part. We
love happy puppies paired with happy owners!
I have read and agree with the above statement.